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Getting tattoos in Shenzhen


My tattoos chronicle my life. My milestones, my adventures, my losses they are all there, inked into my flesh as a living reminder of the experiences which forged me. So of course while living in China I wanted to get a tattoo, however I was quite hesitant about actually getting the tattoo here. Sanitation levels in China are, to me, shockingly low. I have issues with the most basic sanitation levels of the most basic of necessities like food and water. So when it came to upper-level sanitation and sterilization standards which I wanted in a tattoo parlor I had great doubts about whether I could find those in mainland China, so we looked across the border to Hong Kong instead. After a brief search we settled on Star Crossed Tattoo and Piercing near TST in Hong Kong.

We visited the shop once to check it out, and being fully satisfied by what we saw put down a deposit and made an appointment. Their hourly charge was a little more than we were hoping to pay, but tattoos are something I’m okay with paying a little extra for (especially considering that to pay less would mean going to a parlor with sub-standard sterilization). Later when I had visa problems and had to reschedule, they were flexible and seemed happy to oblige. And when we finally made it back for our appointments, it was exactly what we had expected: art, pain and permanent memories.

Jack did my tattoo, and though he seemed a bit nervous at first (which made me a bit nervous at first too) he quickly settled into his work. In about two hours he had created an intricate, red paper-cut rooster on my shoulder. Josh’s tattoo was done by Ross (Turpin), a part-owner of Star Crossed Tattoo. The Buddha on Josh’s calf took a little longer than my rooster partially because of the beautiful shading on the Buddha’s belly and the leaves, smoke, fire and water surrounding him.

Our experience with Star Crossed Tattoo was very positive. I would and have recommended it to friends and other tattoo inclined people, and should I have enough money again before I leave China I would go back for seconds or thirds or fourths.

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