A country with no sidewalks

DSC03939I’m convinced the heat makes walking unpopular in Cambodia; nobody seems to do it. Everyone is on wheels: bikes, scooters, tuk-tuks, and cars. Walking is so unpopular sidewalks have been reassigned new duties. In Phnom Penh sidewalks are places for food stands, store overflow and gasoline stands (which consist of liquor cans filled with gas sold from racks then funneled into gas tanks). Sidewalks also serve as half parking lots, like half the car on the sidewalk and half on the street.

Even on lengths of obstacle-free pavement there are still hazards because sidewalks are also uneven. There are ledges and holes and bumps and tiny mounds of metal that clutter the sidewalk; though it only seems to be the tourists who trip on the obstacles. As a klutzy person I’m at at war with the sidewalks, and the sidewalks are most certainly winning.


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One thought on “A country with no sidewalks

  1. It’s exactly the same here in Vietnam, except that in most cases the sidewalks here are no more than a metre (just over 3 feet) wide if there are any at all!

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